We are multifaceted and operate in a number of vertical market segments, including:

Industrial Products





New Products
Idea evaluation, specification and analysis
New product pricing modeling
New product launch strategy

Existing Products
Literature development

Print ad copywriting
Website content creation

Marketing Strategy
Marketing plan development
Distribution channel analysis
Identify opportunities for strategic alliances

Supplement in-house marketing staff



Manufacturer’s Representative
Selling guides
Competitive comparisons
Sales staff strategic coaching
Customer prospecting



Services are provided on an hourly, daily, or per project basis. For a longer term commitment, reduced rates are offered for a variety of retainer plans. We’d be happy to discuss your needs with you and find a solution that best fits your project and pocketbook.



If your marketing requirements are ongoing or you can foresee a need on a regular basis, you can save money by engaging Terrier Marketing on a retainer basis. A retainer basically says that you will guarantee a fixed number of hours of work every month, and that you will pay for those hours even if your project doesn’t use them all. In exchange for that commitment, Terrier discounts the hourly rate that you pay. Retainers are offered for 10-40 hours per month. It is important to note that the retainer hours are typically apportioned over the entire month, so even if there wasn’t any work for us in the first three weeks of the month, you only have a quarter of the agreed upon hours remaining in the last week.

Another advantage of retainers is that it can offer exclusivity. For retainers of more than 20 hours per month, we will not work with any of your competitors for the duration of the agreement.

A couple of notes about Terrier Marketing retainers:

  • Unused hours are not carried forward
  • Retainer fees are paid monthly, in advance
  • The minimum retainer period is 6 months
  • Hours in excess of the retainer agreement are billed the non-discounted rate
  • Expenses are billed as actually accrued. If any travel is needed then reasonable travel expenses would include full coach airfare, taxi, hotel, meals, and tips. We do not bill for administrative work, telephone, duplication, fax, or related office expenses.
  • Terrier is guaranteed to be available for you for the agreed upon number of hours each month (apportioned weekly)
  • Ongoing presence in your Marketing decision/planning process
  • The retainer commitment encourages you to take full advantage of our services
  • Exclusivity