Customer Satisfaction Survey

The most successful companies are engaged with their customers, are committed to their satisfaction, and have a metric that will report on the state of their relationship. As you know, market leaders that become complacent about their leadership are quickly displaced by new up and coming competitors.

You might say., “My customers are quick to tell us when we make mistakes”. That may be so, but what they often don’t tell you about are the irritants. If unchecked, irritants can lead to a death by a thousand small cuts.  A comprehensive performance survey of your customers can help identify problem areas and measure your success at implementing change.

With ESTA’s permission, we’ve revived and improved on the old ESTA Customer Service Survey. What’s changed? Customers in this sector are often ‘counter-corporate’, so the language has been changed to reflect a more relaxed style, and we’ve added a bit of whimsy to the rating scales.

You can see a sample of the survey by clicking here.

Customization, including your logo, is offered, as is Terrier Marketing’s analysis of your results.

Please contact us directly for a quotation.

“I used Graham Likeness and Terrier Marketing to help me get feedback from City Theatrical’s US and European dealers.  Graham helped me write and edit the survey to get specific information that we wanted to learn.  We had complete control over the questions.  We learned valuable information from both surveys and are already making changes that will help us better serve our dealers.  Graham provided an excellent product at a reasonable price.”

Gary Fails, President
City Theatrical, Inc.


ESTA: Entertainment Services & Technology Association. Click here for more info

A donation to ESTA’s Technical Standards Program will be made for every survey purchased.